What an Opportunity

No Capital Investment and No additional Staff

Both of these are critical areas of concern to a business person because in most new ventures they are a given component in the plan. What a Pizza has developed an innovative freestanding gourmet pizza system that supplies everything you need without capital expenditures and with support for existing staff training and tartup.We
provide ongoing training, technical support, and quality control.

Customize the product to the customer’s specific request

Today’s customer is more discerning about everything they buy. They want choice, quality products and services, at a fair price. The ultimate choice in casual dining is a “Create your own” experience… a good example is the preparation of an omelet at a buffet breakfast where each customer has a choice of ingredients and watches the preparation and service from start to finish.

This is a primary feature of What a Pizza… You have a choice of ingredients made to the customers’ request or to a set menu.

Order to Delivery time …less than 5 Minutes

In a casual dining environment (buffet or table service)…the customer receives their made-to-order individual 10” pizza in less than 5 minutes preparation time.

Produce up to 50 pizzas per hour

The base system includes all the equipment (oven(s), pizza press) and utensils to produce 50 pizzas per hour. The system can be easily expanded to accommodate larger volume as required.

Effective/Efficient Production

The stand-alone system is designed to be set up in a variety of configurations. It can be set up as a “kiosk” with self-contained portable/movable service operations. If you prefer, it can be integrated into an existing buffet operation and utilize much of the equipment already available. For example, an existing omelet preparation facility can be used. You need access to 220V, 1 Phase outlet, 10 Amp for the ovens, and you also need a 110V, 1 Phase outlet for the press.
This is all that is required and you are on your way.

Ahead of our Time!

The March issue of the Financial Post Business Magazine says it all, “In a Business where seconds saved at the counter can mean millions on the bottom line, ever quicker service is still the ultimate goal. “We at What a Pizza have always believed that statement and, as you have read, we have created a pizza oven that can produce a pizza in a record time of 4 1/2 minutes. Minutes saved not seconds!

We hope you have learned enough about our company to give us a call so we can set up a time to meet and increase your bottom line.